THE BALANCE PROJECT | No. 29: Nigel Marsh, Author and Entrepreneur

Welcome to THE BALANCE PROJECT: a series of relevant and refreshingly candid interviews featuring inspiring and accomplished women (and now, one man!) talking about balance. I've always been curious—and maybe a little obsessed—about how women I admire manage the tragically glorified “doing it all" craze. So I asked them. As I suspected, no one really does "it all." Everyone’s making [...]

Nigel Marsh: How To Make Work-Life Balance Work

One of my wonderful Balance Project interviewees Cara Lemieux, a journalist and managing editor of, recently brought Nigel Marsh to my attention. And I'm so glad she did. Nigel Marsh gave a TED Talk in May 2010 that has, as of this posting, received 2,449,478 total views. That's a lot of views. A lot of people who share this [...]

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