On Grace embraces themes that will resonate with women who own at least one pair of Spanx: fidelity, friendship, and finding oneself at 40. Readers love it because it’s soulful and sweet, sexy and sad, straight up and smart, and, ultimately, quite satisfying.

Grace May is truly excited about turning 40 in a few months. And now that her boys are both in school and she has a stimulating new writing job, the next chapter in her life can finally begin. She can’t wait to rediscover the intelligent and interesting woman deeply buried under the layers of mother and wife.

But when Grace loses her job and gets unexpected news from her husband and her best friend, life suddenly gets complicated. Grace stands to lose everything: her marriage, her best friend, and her sense of self. But by her 40th birthday party, Grace will realize who and what matter most. With laughter. With tears. With grace.


“[Schnall’s] blend of girl talk and self-help wisdom reads like a conversation overheard at Starbucks. Faced with real-world problems, Grace adjusts her priorities, confronts her fears, and in the process of being true to herself, learns the real meaning of the word ‘grace.’ A cozy, conversational read.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“An authentic portrayal of the intricacies inherent in modern relationships, Susie Orman Schnall’s debut is relatable, honest, and insightful. I look forward to seeing what’s next from her.” ―Emily Liebert, bestselling author of You Knew Me When

“A telling, touching exploration of modern marriage, fidelity, and friendship, Susie Schnall’s debut is riddled with the little truths that make up the texture of women’s daily lives. Fans of Emily Giffin will relate to this engaging read.” ―Beatriz Williams, internationally bestselling author of A Hundred Summers

“A moving and vibrant debut that packs a sweet emotional punch. You’ll laugh and cry along with Grace as she treads the complicated waters of marriage, motherhood, an unexpected betrayal, and a revelation that changes everything. Susie Orman Schnall is a fresh new voice in fiction. ―Kristin Harmel, internationally bestselling author of The Sweetness of Forgetting

“Grace is an imperfect woman with a less-than-perfect life, but readers will find themselves drawn to her authenticity and grit.” ―Colleen Oakes, bestselling author of Elly in Bloom