April 11, 2022 I’m excited to announce The Thursday Authors: Behind the Books! This is a limited-run Facebook Live I’ll be hosting alongside authors Jamie Brenner, Nicola Harrison, Lynda Cohen Loigman, Amy Poeppel, and book influencer/author supporter Suzy Weinstein Leopold. At the beginning of Covid, we started a Thursday evening Zoom which we’ve continued to this day. It’s been a [...]


October 5, 2021 I'm honored to be a contributor to HOME: A CELEBRATION, an anthology out today benefiting No Kid Hungry (an organization aiming to end childhood hunger), edited by Charlotte Moss and published by Rizzoli Books. My essay joins contributions by 125 writers, poets, photographers, architects, designers, actors, and activists who were asked to create something about the meaning [...]


April 9, 2021 The New York Times featured many stories leading up to opening day of the New York World's Fair, which was April 30, 1939. One very important thing, apparently, that ladies were wondering about was what to wear to the fair. Well, the Times had them covered... A sample of the recommendations featured in this article from April [...]

December E-Newsletter

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Casting Call

December 16, 2020 It's no secret that authors dream of having the rights to their books sold for film or TV. It's also no secret that we often imagine the cast of our novels as we're writing or once the book is published. I actually envisioned Blake Lively/Esther Williams as Vivi and Emma Stone/Katharine Hepburn as Max while I was [...]

Film Rights Sold

November 18, 2020   I'm thrilled to announce that film rights for We Came Here to Shine have been sold to PhilmCo. They've asked me to write the screenplay, so... I'm writing a screenplay! It's a new adventure for me but I'm really enjoying it so far. Hopefully, more news to come. Cross your fingers, toes, and eyeballs for me. [...]

June 10, 2020   On June 10, 1939 (81 years ago today), King George VI and Queen Elizabeth toured the New York World’s Fair. That day, in a front-page story in the New York Times, Foster Hailey wrote, “A reception fit for a king and queen was being prepared by New York City for the five-and-a-half-hour visit today of Their Britannic Majesties, [...]

World’s Fair Wednesdays: Dr. Couney’s Baby Incubators

May 27, 2020 A very popular exhibit in the Amusements Zone was the famous Baby Incubators run by Dr. Martin Couney. Dr. Couney, who wasn’t actually a trained doctor nor was named Martin Couney (he was born Michael Cohen and was a Polish-Jewish immigrant), had been taking care of premature babies for more than 40 years and, at the time [...]

World’s Fair Wednesdays: The Westinghouse Time Capsule

May 20, 2020 Westinghouse buried a time capsule on September 23, 1938 for display at the 1939 fair. It's meant to remain unopened for 5,000 years. The site where it was lowered into an “Immortal Well” was such a popular attraction at the fair, workers had to “construct a passageway so visitors could view it in single file.” ( More [...]

World’s Fair Wednesdays: Today at the Fair

May 13, 2020 The 1939 NY World’s Fair had a daily paper! Today at the Fair was published daily during the 1939/40 NY World’s Fair and was was sold on the fairgrounds for 5¢ or via a monthly subscription for $1.75. ($1 and $32 in today’s $.) One of my main characters in We Came Here to Shine, Max, works [...]

World’s Fair Wednesdays: The Aquacade

May 6, 2020 The Aquacade was an extravagant synchronized swimming show and in my upcoming novel We Came Here to Shine, one of my main characters, Vivi, is the star of the Aquacade. The novel takes the reader behind-the-scenes of the production: the choreography, cast friendships & rivalries, secrets, and Johnny Weissmuller (aka Tarzan), who was the male lead. Eleanor [...]

Holiday Gift Guide

December 4, 2019 I made a Holiday Gift Guide of some of my favorite things. OREZ (zero spelled backwards) is a brand that epitomizes the zero waste, sustainable lifestyle. I love so many of their products, but my favorites are the enamel food storage containers, the glass water bottles, the straw basket backpack, and the natural makeup tints packaged in [...]

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