Welcome to THE BALANCE PROJECT: a series of relevant and refreshingly candid interviews featuring inspiring and accomplished women talking about work-life balance. I’ve always been curious about how women I admire manage the tragically glorified “doing it all” craze. So I asked them. As I suspected, no one really does “it all.” Everyone’s making sacrifices somewhere. And that should make us all feel a little better. I hope the conversation will be steered toward that reality rather than toward the flawed and dangerous assumption that we should try—or even want to try—to perfectly do “it all.”

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No. 170: Tasha LaRae, Singer with Arrested Development

Age: 37
Where I live: Atlanta, GA
Job: Lead Female Vocalist for Arrested Development, Songwriter, Voice Coach, Entrepreneur (founder of the Racism Sucks fashion movement)

Have you changed jobs or adjusted anything in your career to have more balance?
I’ve had the same job for ten years. My line of work changes constantly, so I fight to keep my emotions balanced. If I’m okay internally then it also translates to my outside world.

Do you think having “it all” is realistic or impossible and why?
I do think it’s possible to “have it all.” I believe we are all capable of creating the life we desire and we can get all the things we want and need. I do, however, think its impossible to live a life free from problems and conflict. Sometimes I think people equate “having it all” with “living life free from problems.” Problems help us grow stronger and wiser. If we’re not growing, we’re not living.

Do you prefer the phrase “work-life balance” or “work-life integration”? Or do you think they’re both terrible?
I’d say this: at certain points, certain things relating to work and personal life are going to require a more concentrated amount of time and attention than others. To me, the “balance” comes with recognizing what needs the most attention at the time and managing everything else accordingly.

What part of “balance” are you getting better at?
Prioritizing things in my life to focus on the most important first. This is also the part that’s tough to figure out.

Do you have a favorite time management tool, hack, or other strategy you use that helps you achieve balance that you would recommend to others?
My most important tasks are appointments in my phone. I utilize my phone calendar a lot more and check my physical calendar every morning and evening.

What’s the best advice you ever heard on balance?
Know what’s most important to accomplish that day and adjust everything else accordingly. Then, once that task is done, repeat the process.

If you had one extra hour in each day and you couldn’t work or be with your family, how would you spend that hour?
I’d go for a walk along the Beltline in Atlanta, while listening to an audiobook and enjoying a King of Pops Thai Iced Tea Pop :).

What do you wish you’d known when you were 20?
That problems, being uncomfortable, and making mistakes will always be a part of life. You can’t escape this and it’s foolish to try. Because with each of those things comes wisdom, peace of mind, and increased confidence in your ability to grow stronger.

What do you hope to know by the time you’re 60?
That I’ve been making the best decisions for myself, my family, and the people I serve all along, and that the sacrifices, risks, and tough times were not in vain.

What one part of your home life do you wish you could outsource?

Whose job do you wish you had?
Mine :)—I love my job!

Whose job are you glad you don’t have?
Graphic designers/website builders (that stuff makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes!).

Favorite books?
The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason and You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero.

What are you reading right now?
The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

Biggest vices?
I don’t watch television (to many of my friends that’s immoral, lol).
Sugar…anything with sugar!
Audible…I’m an audiobook junkie.

How many hours do you generally sleep at night during the week?

What do you read every morning?
The affirmations I have written on my bathroom mirror.

Complete the following sentences:
I think I: shouldn’t like bacon so much. (But I do…heaven knows, I do.)
I wish I: could take a two-week vacation every quarter and travel for fun.

Do you have a personal motto or favorite saying?
No excuses. Do the work.

Anything else you’d like to add?
My new CD, Light, just came out! It’s available on my website and on most digital outlets for music (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.).

About Tasha:
Tasha LaRae is an international singer, songwriter, voice coach, member of two-time Grammy Award winning group, Arrested Development, and founder of the Racism Sucks fashion movement. Her mission is to use her creative talents to uplift, inspire, and encourage others to follow their dreams and live their best life now.

Find out more about Tasha:
www.TashaLaRae.com and www.YepRacismSucks.com


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