Snapshots From the Annals of a Debut Author
Today, July 1, was supposed to be the official launch day for On Grace. But that baby was ready early. So it’s been selling for a bit now, and I am having #SoMuchFun! You were right Jessica Park! A lot has happened…

IMG_3928You Want My What?
Last week, a friend threw a little surprise book launch soiree for me (thanks, Franci!). There was a cake in the form of the On Grace book cover. There were stacks of books. And there were people asking me to sign those books. Whaaaat? I do realize that authors sign books. But it was jarring to think that anyone would want my signature. I tried to protest; all of the people at the party knew me after all. “It’s me!” I insisted. But to no avail. They insisted back. So a Sharpie was produced. And away I signed. That, my friend, is a very strange feeling.

Cover Photo
Friends keep asking if that’s me on the cover. Uh, NO! In fact, if I had thought for even a millisecond that someone would have mistaken Cover Girl for me when I first saw the proposed design, I would have immediately suggested another model. Just wanted to clear that up. Unless you think she’s got silky hair and a good butt, and then, well, maybe…

Press and Blogs and Readers
I’ve been having a blast getting the word out about On Grace. So far we (Grace and I) have been featured on The Downtown Project, Pretty Pink Tulips, WVOX Radio, Books by Banister, Ivory Owl Reviews, StacyKnows, and more. And I’m running a giveaway this month on Goodreads. But I’m most excited about what readers have been telling me: You write with such intelligence, insight and sensitivity; I am this woman in so many ways; You either are Grace or you know Grace; You are a beautiful writer; Thank you for giving me a wonderful read that made me smile; The perfect summer reading adventure. Thank you!

Stay tuned for news about my launch events at Nest Inspired Home and with the fabulyss DivaMoms Book Club!

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