My husband and I are not a big Valentine’s Day couple. That wasn’t the case when we first started dating, however. Then, Valentine’s Day was filled with silk boxers from Victoria’s Secret (from me) and roses, chocolate, and stuffed animals (from him). It’s probably helpful to know we were still in college and those gifts seemed romantic. And mature. Fast forward 24 years. We always agree that Valentine’s is a Hallmark holiday but that doesn’t stop him from occasionally sending flowers or giving me a gift. And though I don’t expect anything, it sure is nice to receive something! If you are part of a Valentine’s Day couple, here are some gifts that would be super sweet to hint about to your honey:


Monthly gift box
POPSUGAR Must Have Box: Each month, the POPSUGAR curators put together a box of home, fashion, fitness, food, and beauty must haves and mail them right to you. I just got my first box this week and I loved the full-size lip gloss, face serum, travel jewelry case, and more. A fun treat! (About $30/month.)

The Caliber Collection: These bangles and bracelets are made with the serial numbers from illegal guns and the metal from bullet casings taken off the streets by the Newark and Pittsburg (San Francisco bay area) Police Departments. Plus, these jewels do good: 20% of the net proceeds from each purchase will fund future Gun Buyback Amnesty programs in Newark, NJ and Pittsburg, CA. (From $150-$1,325.)

Dessert for Dinner: The New York Times just ran an amazing article about all-dessert tasting menus in NYC. I don’t see why we have to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse for this treat. Anyone want to join me? (From $12 per person at Patisserie Tomoko in Williamsburg to $70 per person at Per Se.)


Monthly gift box
Birchbox is just as cool a concept as the POPSUGAR Must Have Box, but because they send sample sizes of high-end beauty and lifestyle products, their prices are lower. (About $10/month.)

BaubleBar: I have to restrict my window shopping time on BaubleBar because I want so many things. They are so on-trend and their prices are ridiculously reasonable.

Sugarwish: This is an adorable concept. Your gift recipient receives an eCard that they’ve received a Sugarwish gift. Then, they pick the candies of their choice from the ridiculously vast collection (gummies! chewies! chocolates!) and the sweets are delivered to your giftee in beautiful blue gift boxes. I actually found out about this from this month’s POPSUGAR Must Have box and I have been enjoying the little candy hearts I received! (From $25 for 1 lb of candy to $65 for 4 lbs.)

More Sweets (I can’t resist)
You can not go wrong with dark chocolate. Ever. Check out this handy guide from Foodtrainers. I go absolutely crazy for the Hu Kitchen almond butter and puffed quinoa chocolate bar.

Share your ideas below for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!