April 9, 2021

The New York Times featured many stories leading up to opening day of the New York World’s Fair, which was April 30, 1939. One very important thing, apparently, that ladies were wondering about was what to wear to the fair. Well, the Times had them covered…

A sample of the recommendations featured in this article from April 9, 1939 (page 61):

SHOES: “Experts recommend shoes with moderately high platform soles, for these raise the feet above the hot pavements.”

FABRIC: “The sightseer will want to start out in the morning in something that will carry on crisply throughout the day. The new crush-resistant rayon crepes do the trick.”

NO PLEATS!: The woman who is not going to miss any of the Fair will like a trim sheer suit suavely tailored like a man’s, with never a pleat in the skirt to crumple as she dashes about.”

EVENING WEAR: “It’s at night that the Fair promises enchantment. Then it is that women will want to look their prettiest…in chiffons and sheers or sleek cool jersies, made street length with bodices charmingly cut and draped to suggest formality. ‘Pretty but practical’ will be the ideal.”


Photo credits: The New York Times, April 9, 1939; page 61

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