In early July I was contacted by Nona Walia, a journalist from The Times of India, which is the world’s best-selling English language daily newspaper. Nona had found The Balance Project online and wanted to interview me for an article.

Indra Nooyi’s interview on balance had recently come out and Nona was doing a response piece to that. (I wrote a short blog post about Nooyi and featured the YouTube video of her conversation on The Balance Blog.)

I was thrilled when I found out, on July 27th, that the article entitled “Can Anyone Have It All?” had been published. A photo of the article, sent to me by an Indian Twitter follower (!), is below.

A couple of my quotes from the article:

  • “…the first thing is to define what ‘all’ means to you.”
  • “The women you admire, who you think are truly doing it all, they are not. They are all making sacrifices. You just have to decide what sacrifices you are personally willing to make.”

In the photo below, the blue sidebar in the bottom right corner features my tips on how to create work-life balance. And here they are…

  • List your top three priorities in life. You may not get to do everything you want to do—at least all at the same time—but you’ll be happy.
  • Make time for yourself. Don’t push yourself ahead at your own cost. If you are physically unwell and mentally exhausted, you won’t be good at anything else.
  • Use your calendar. Make appointments for a half-hour walk, coffee with your daughter, or a date with your partner. Make these things non-negotiable.
  • Be realistic about what sacrifices you’re willing to make. And understand that you must make sacrifices.
  • Don’t try to balance everything every day. Some days may be more child-focussed. Some days are all work. It’s impossible to make everyone happy every day. Think forward and try to imagine what you will regret later.


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