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My latest piece on The Huffington Post

Fast Company published an insightful article this week by Kelly Clay entitled “Why Millennial Women Are Burning Out.” The subhead referred to the fact that it wasn’t because they were becoming mothers. Shocking! In this time of endless conversations about work-life balance, that’s what we’re conditioned to assume. So why are these young women burning out?

Clay wrote that it’s mainly because of high expectations—both self-imposed as well as from their employers who demand 24/7 connectivity.

This isn’t really news to anyone who’s been paying attention. And it certainly isn’t news to millennial women who are experiencing it first hand. And while I don’t doubt that the expectations from corporate America and its global counterparts are overwhelming for young women, I would argue that there are additional culprits worth mentioning.

Millennial women had to deal with two things growing up that my generation did not, which thrust these young women into adulthood and forced them to deal with a unique form of stress that started the burn-out process before they even set foot in those cool open-plan loft offices they all get to work in… READ MORE

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