solstice2In a matter of days, the moment I’ve been waiting for will be here. The culmination of all my hard work over the past couple of years. On Grace will be for sale in paperback on Amazon. Let me say that again. Apologies—bear with me. On Grace will be for sale in paperback on Amazon. (She jumps up and down and does cartwheels down the hall.)

I’ve experienced many sweet moments along this journey: finishing the manuscript, receiving praise from objective readers, getting requests for fulls from agents, seeing the cover for the first time, viewing the Kindle version on Amazon. But though that book-writing sundae has been delicious, the cherry on top, for me at least, has always been having a paperback version of On Grace and having it be available on Amazon.

Last night my trusty (and cute) UPS guy, Michael, delivered a precious brown box to me. Inside? My proof copy of On Grace. Holding that in my hand was like, well, it wasn’t really like, let’s not get carried away, but kinda a little like holding my babies for the first time. So much time and work and doubt and frustration. So much love.

So, as I wait the 5-7 days for the paperback to go live on Amazon, I will continue to execute my pre-launch publicity and marketing plan because we self-pubbies have to work it. I’ll continue to search every iteration of my name and book title on Amazon to see if the paperback is live yet. I’ll continue to hit refresh (way too frequently) on my KDP page to check my sales. I’ll continue to crack my knuckles and intensify the pain in my right shoulder from all the typing (and refreshing). And I’ll continue to feel proud of my accomplishment. Because really I am.

Stay tuned… Lots of fun launch events, blog stops, radio interviews (really!), new website reveal, etc. are coming!