From Self-Published to PUBLISHED!

I haven't updated in a while because I've been waiting for the day I can make a big announcement. Not so big for you probably in your exciting life, but HUGE for me. I have a publisher! Let's step back a bit… Last you heard from me, I was embarking on my journey of being a self-published author. There were [...]

You Want My What?

Snapshots From the Annals of a Debut Author Today, July 1, was supposed to be the official launch day for On Grace. But that baby was ready early. So it’s been selling for a bit now, and I am having #SoMuchFun! You were right Jessica Park! A lot has happened… You Want My What? Last week, a friend threw a [...]

Happy Book Birthday!

So this is what it feels like? The birth of a book! A lot less messy than birthing babies. But still quite emotional, quite satisfying, quite exhausting. Thank goodness the whole giving-it-a-proper-name part is already done. I mean, in the heat of the moment I might have panicked and gone with something like North.   I have been dreaming of [...]

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