I wrote my first blog post two years and 11 days ago. How’s that for staying current? Going by that schedule, I’ll average five posts a decade. Pretty pathetic. But a lot has changed.

images-3I now have a Twitter account (@susieschnall). True, I have never sent an actual tweet (and I can’t stand how they say “140 characters or less,” c’mon people it’s “fewer“) but I have started following a few people. And as of last night I am officially back on Facebook. I’ve already spent more time on that bad boy than I was hoping to, but I’m assuming the novelty will wear off. So I’m safely within the parameters of existing properly in this millennium. But I still don’t Digg. And I still don’t know what it is.

I’m actually procrastinating right now. I should be working on my novel, which is coming along really well. I’m on chapter nine, and I’m on a roll. I hit page 100 on Saturday, and my kids thought a cupcake party would be a good way to celebrate. How sweet is that?!? But I’ve been sick for a week, and I just don’t have the writing mojo right now. Going to let myself off the hook for a day, but I have to get back on that horse tomorrow if I want to reach my goal of finishing the first draft of the manuscript by June 23 (at 4:00). All words of encouragement are entirely welcome. As are ideas of how to celebrate page 200.

Now, if I could only stop checking my Facebook page…