Nigel Marsh: How To Make Work-Life Balance Work

One of my wonderful Balance Project interviewees Cara Lemieux, a journalist and managing editor of, recently brought Nigel Marsh to my attention. And I’m so glad she did.

Nigel Marsh gave a TED Talk in May 2010 that has, as of this posting, received 2,449,478 total views. That’s a lot of views. A lot of people who share this interest in work-life balance and finding solutions or ways to make it, as Nigel says, work.

I encourage you to watch his Talk which I’ve included below. His points are simple yet elegantly proposed. He’s got a “what’s wrong with you idiots?!” approach that I appreciate very much. A few of Nigel’s main points and then watch the 10-minute video…

  • Certain job and career choices are fundamentally incompatible with work-life balance.
  • Face the truth that government and corporations aren’t going to solve this issue. We must design our own lives.
  • Small things matter, not dramatic overhauls. Make small investments in the right places.

I would love to feature Nigel in The Balance Project and I really hope he says yes. We could use a man’s perspective. Please say yes, Nigel!

More on Nigel Marsh.


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  1. Ely Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 12:45 am - Reply

    Tengo 45 años. Soy latina, separada con 2 hijas. Tengo mas de 5 años en mi trabajo. Me esforcé tanto para poder tener un salario que me ayudara a salir adelante. Lo logré sin embargo, note que había descuidado a mis hijas. Trabaje muy duro para superar la difícil situación económica que arrazo con nuestras vidas durante 2 años.
    Logre lo que quería, sin embargo el trabajo demanda más tiempo del que puedo dar.
    He perdido la motivación pues me di cuenta que no pertenezco a esa organización. La detesto pero no tengo otro ingreso ni apoyo económico y la idea de independizarme me aterra.
    Gracias por compartir sus experiencias.

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