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I’m excited to participate in this amazing giveaway. Here’s all the info you need to know from the organizer (and Balance Project interviewee #154) Kate Hanley:

Have you ever had a flash of insight, where you saw something you’d been looking at your whole life in an entirely different way?

Suddenly you see that what you thought was difficult is actually simple, or that what seemed simple is pretty complex. Those a-ha moments are some of my favorite parts of being alive. They not only open your mind, they open possibilities. Sadly, they don’t come all that often.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about this giveaway. Thirteen experts have each contributed a free gift that’s designed to help you think differently about something important—whether that’s your health, your love life, your business, your kids, or anything in between.

It’s the Master Tools to Change Your Mind Giveaway, and it’s happening now through May 11. By signing up, you’ll be able to go shopping for as many gifts—which include podcasts, quizzes, eBooks, worksheets and videos from some of the best thinkers out there—as you like, and best of all, everything is free! 

The line up of experts is really stupendous, and includes a Fulbright scholar, an award-winning science writer, and a marketing guru who’s been on every big news show there is. It’s like being invited to a really great cocktail party, where someone or something you hear just might change your life.

Check it out HERE!

My free giveaway has 3 components: 1) Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Find Balance 2) Time management tips and strategies for balance, and 3) Chapter 1 of my novel The Balance Project. Go!