images-1I don’t Twitter. I don’t Facebook. And I certainly don’t Digg. (It’s not that I’m against it, I just honestly have no idea what it is.) But, I do blog.

Yes, I’ve been called a loser for not being on Facebook. Yes, I’m inching dangerously closer to my mother’s generation than to my children’s because I’m so out-of-touch with the latest technology. But I just have to ask. Where are you people finding the time?

I tried Facebook. I did. For three weeks. Three weeks where I fed my kids frozen meals, let my leg hair grow, and turned down all invitations. I had to. I was so busy! I read all my friends’ updates, scanned their photos, checked out their friends, waited for friend requests, and searched for old friends. Maybe it’s because I’m ultra-curious. Or maybe it’s the repressed social anthropologist in me. (Never knew that’s my ultimate career goal? Besides being a background dancer in music videos. Honestly.) All I know is that I spent so much damn time on that website that it started to burn into my monitor.

So now, with the birth of my Web site, (Thank you Michael, Avery, Hege, Susanna, Maria, Jens and all the other amazing people at Firstborn!) I get to blog. Maybe I’ll blog about my work (busy, busy these days with the book proposal and impending magazine projects). Or maybe I’ll blog about my kids (they all ate salmon and millet last night. Snaps. I did let them put chocolate chips in the millet). Or maybe I’ll blog about how much I love that Michie O has planted an organic garden at the White House. And that she’s telling people to toss their processed foods. Change is coming. Maybe not enough change to get me to Twitter. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see.