Having It All is a new documentary by filmmaker Vlada Knowlton. From the film’s website:

Three women set out to live their dreams of balancing career, marriage, and children. After two trying years of unanticipated trade-offs and painful sacrifices, each finds herself with a changed life and a changed idea of what HAVING IT ALL really means.

Watch the trailer:

I had the opportunity to watch the hour-long film yesterday, and I thought it was fantastic. Each of the women featured was able to articulate her truth with such authenticity. It was raw, it was honest, and the result is a film that is an important contribution to our society’s conversation about work-life balance.

You can see the movie on Amazon or iTunes.

I’m going to be featuring each of the women from the film—including the filmmaker Vlada—on The Balance Project Interview Series. First, here’s Kate’s interview.

Enjoy the film, and if you do have a chance to watch it, share your thoughts in the comments below.