April 24, 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday


(99c ebook sale!)

THE BALANCE PROJECT was published on April 28, 2015. I remember that week so vividly…

It kicked off with the Junior League of Richmond’s 70th Annual Book & Author Event where I was a featured speaker with authors like Marisa de los Santos and Elizabeth Berg (what!?!). That was a professional highlight and the beginning of what turned out to be an exciting book tour.

I have loved talking about this book with book clubs, professional women’s organizations, radio show hosts, library & book store audiences, journalists, book bloggers, and more. The topic elicits so many important and interesting conversations which confirm what I learned from doing The Balance Project interviews: almost every woman I have met through this book struggles with work-life balance in some way, and every single woman is making sacrifices somewhere.

Quite liberating when we realize that this struggle for balance is flawed. How nice to approach it all from a different angle.

In honor of the second birthday of this book,
we’ve put the ebook on sale
for 99c on Amazon through May 7. 

Enjoy spring!