I’m excited to be participating in TheBump.com’s #MomsWriteNow event. As TheBump so eloquently writes:

The Bump has partnered with some amazing mothers who also happen to be amazing writers. They’re dishing out all their thoughts, observations and real life lessons about mothering in the best way they know how. We’re embarking on an essay series and we’re hoping you’ll follow along as these authors share what they’ve learned about motherhood through their inspiring navigation of the written word.

In addition to publishing my essay on their site, TheBump is featuring me in a Twitter chat on Thursday, July 23 from 1pm-2pm EDT. You can participate by going to @TheBump during that time and posting a question. Hope to tweet you then ;-).

As for my essay, here’s an excerpt. Click here for the whole shebang.

I often hear parents say their kids are their life. I know they don’t mean that literally, that they indeed have other things going on, but as I reflect in this quiet house, I feel joyful, so lucky that my kids are not my entire life. A huge lovely part of that life, but not it entirely.

My life is dark chocolate and good cheese and way too much bread. My life is my family in California, my girlfriends down the street, the dear friends scattered around the world who share my memories. My life is an obsessive desire to accomplish, to smile, to dance. My life is trying to remember to speak kindly to myself, stepping outside my comfort zone, taking care of my health. My life is hikes, beach walks, tall mugs of English breakfast tea. My life is sitting at my desk to write. My life is pride in my accomplishments, the photo albums lined up on my shelves that hold evidence of all the blessings I’ve had, and the dear man who sleeps next to me every night. READ MORE…

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